Terry Morahan


Email: morahan@jackshand.com.au
Telephone: 02 9233 7711
Fax: 02 9232 8975

Mr Terry Morahan was called to the Bar in 1989 and had previously practised law at Mallesons Stephen Jaques for three years. Prior to his career in law, Mr Morahan had been an officer in the Australian Army, served as a diplomat in the Department of Foreign Affairs for ten years and was employed in the petroleum industry for three years.

Mr Morahan has an extensive practice with an emphasis on commercial law and equity. His areas of practice include all commercial disputes including building law, trusts, wills and estates, family provision, real property, corporations law and professional negligence. Mr Morahan also frequently appears in the Dust Diseases Tribunal.

Mr Morahan has served on several Bar Association Committees, and has over many years been active in the training of new barristers. Mr Morahan edited the Butterworths District Court Practice for ten years and was a member of the District Court Rules Committee.

Mr Morahan holds a BA from the University of New South Wales and a LLM from the University of Sydney.

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