About Jack Shand Chambers

Chambers was established in 1993 and it currently has 29 members.

Chambers is, and has been since its inception, a leader in the areas of common law and insurance litigation. There remains a strong focus on those areas of practice. However, the practice areas of members have diversified and there are members who specialise in a wide range of fields, including commercial law, criminal law and administrative law.

One of the strengths of Chambers is the large number of members who practise across a broad range of areas at different levels of seniority. This means there are members capable of handling matters of many types at all levels of complexity.

Consistently with its traditions of common law practice areas, the members include very highly experienced trial and appellate advocates.

Chambers currently has 1 Queen’s Counsel, 6 Senior Counsel and 22 Junior Counsel.

The Head of Chambers is Mr John Gleeson QC.

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